Environmentally Friendly and Individually Distinctive Creations  

Handcrafted Illuminations

These beautifully handcrafted illuminations and planters are made from donated wine bottles in Lambertville, Michigan USA and are designed for use indoors or out. Please visit our Products page for currently available items ready for immediate delivery. BottleArtz has crafted many custom illuminations for clients with user specified colors, styles, and cable lengths. Perhaps you have a unique bottle that holds special memories you would like transformed into a BottleArtz Illumination? We welcome special orders and would be pleased to provide you with a personalized quote. Each BottleArtz illumination is a unique fabrication made using high quality materials that are field tested to provide safety and long life. We do urge you to never leave any lit candle unattended. Many of our clients use battery operated flicker flames (available on our products page) for use as well. Please visit our new Hanging Planters in the products section!

Garden Wind Spinners

A unique garden accent handcrafted in copper and glass

Much like the old fashion barber pole, as the wind spins the copper helix, an illusion of the glass orb moving up and down is created.

The bottomless bottle provides easy access to the suspended lamp. Simply grasp the lower portion of the bottle and raise it up the cable to light or extinguish the candle.

Hanging wine bottle candles

Elegant Mood Lighting

Designed for both Indoors or Out

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